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Why hire an experienced pro?

  • Understanding the why behind the what is essential to all events. 

  • Tapping into a pro with a marketing background, focused on your event objectives is priceless when it comes to your bottom line.  Targeted events are more than food and decorations.  Sure, it may look like that on the surface, but it is the ability to navigate the backside of the event, including promotion, that gets real results. 

  • Sure, you can spend hundreds in payroll, or burn out volunteers. Or, you can hire an experienced professional with a network of solutions, commited to keeping your bottom line in check, streamlining the process and executing with percision!

  • Gain a quantifiable return on your investment. The art of promoting products, brands and non-profit organizations takes considerable time and the knowledge of how to expand reach to stimulate growth.  Each event comes with its own market segments and goals. Building an event strategy is the first step to event success.  Without it, your just thowing an expensive party.

  • Freedom to do what you do!  Go ahead, enjoy your event, network, shake some hands. Elements NW Events will take care of the rest!

What is it?

  • Event Marketing is one of the oldest forms of business marketing and a fun component of any marketing plan.  

  • It is your chance to put your product and service infront of a large, targeted audiance.

  • It is interactive, engaging and creates a lasting memory guests will talk about long after the party ends.

Event Marketing

"Because every element matters!"

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Expand your reach with a marketing event!

Why do it?

  • To create an experience designed to grow your business or organization.

  • Gives guests something to talk about. Imagine the free social media press!

  • Quantifiable return on your investment. 

  • Expand reach into new market segments.