Benefits of hosting an event with a professional Planner at your side:
Our professional Planner will tackle the strategic planning to create an event that more than meets objectives, without you lifting a finger.  
        * You will experience a positive return on your investment. 

        * Imagine focusing on the excitement leading up to the event, without all the stress and worry

        * Employees will know you care.  Clients will feel valued.  

        * Can you afford not to take care of those who take care of your business?

Wondering how much hosting an event will cost?

That's the beauty of our service!  You set the budget and define the event objectives.  Elements NW Events steps in to make it happen.  

        * You will
save at least 22% over in house planning, often enough to offset the cost of our fees.  

        * Plus, think of the residual return on your investment

                                      Increased Moral = Higher Productivity

                                                Happy Employees = Happy Customers

                                                     Valued Relationships = Loyalty

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         Thinking about hosting an event, then wonder how?  

        * You are busy and have a job to do.   
        * You know people want to be recognized for

           their accomplishments and service.  
        * You know networking is key to business 

                     Solution: Bring people together!

Simple pleasures yield amazing results!

It's all about ROI

"Because every element matters!"

Elements NW Events & Weddings

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​It's true. Events done right will bring in a solid return on investment. Understanding an event to be part of the greater marketing and promotion matrix is the first step to realizing it is all about the guest experience.

  • What is it that sets your event apart?      
  • What will guests remember most?    
  • Did the experience deliver the conversation you want guests to be talking about?  

This is where Elements NW Events steps in.  Designing events to meet goals and objectives is our caviot!  

  • Effective events are so much more than great food and decorations.  As the principle consultant, I look at events from a project management perspective then build in the knowledge gained through marketing education and real life marketing experience to create a unique experience for guests.  
  • Next, I communicate your wishes and the why behind the what to ensure the execution team is on board with achiveing the desired result.  
  • Wheather you are looking to create a whole new event format or simply want to enhance and build on the foundation of an annual event, I have the tools and knowledge to make it happen with dynamic results!  

​​​Award Winning Service.   Outstanding Value.   Dynamic Results!

Need to Know:

          *Hosting an event does not have to break the bank or take over your valuable time. 

          *All you need is to know is your objective.  


          *Elements NW Events will take care of the rest.