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Consider this...

  • Did you know the average event takes over 150 hours to plan and coordinate? 
  • Do you have pre-screened connections in place to get the best bang for your buck?
  • Will planning yourself take away from your primary responsibilities to the business?​
  • Would you benefit more from engaging and mingling with guests or running the show?
  • An experienced, objective set of eyes saves you money, time and reduces risk.

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Hmm, so what does a Planner or Consultant do anyway? 

  • Listens, then builds a strategic plan, inline with your vision, to achieve objectives.
  • Becomes your confidant and right hand to achieve the results you want.
  • Provides a network of professionals they know and trust.
  • Initiates proven strategies and builds in marketing elements for maximum results.
  • Tackles the details and logistics, to free you to do what you do​ best!

Ever think: "I can do all the planning myself. And I have people to run the event."?

"Hiring a Planner is to your event what an outside Consultant does to help improve your business."

Product Launch | Brand Awareness | Product Promotion | Grand Opening  | Corporate Events | Conferences | Kick-off Meetings | Appreciation/Recognition 

Milestone Celebrations | Community Events | Fundraising | Appreciation | Company Picnics | Team Building | Retreats | Excursions | Endless Possibilities!

Get back to what you do, we'll do what we do!


Build your business with custom events designed to boost moral, 

generate new clients, strengthen relations and brand your products and company!